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Want to get fit (or stay fit) but don’t know how? Craving the support of others to help you progress your fitness? Want daily contact with professional fitness coaches to help keep you motivated and answer your questions?

Yes? Read on!

We know how hard it can be to juggle work and family commitments, let alone trying to stay fit and healthy. Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, but having no structure is difficult too. If you only have 20 minutes to train, how can you structure it, each day, to make it count?

This is why we developed our Remote Training Groups, and why they are so successful.

What is a Remote Training Group?

Our Remote Training Groups (RTG) offer progressive training, wherever you are. They are online training groups with WhatsApp chat group community support. The RTGs are all coach-led by ex-professionals: athletes in road, cross country, fell running, cross fitness and weighted fitness. It does not matter where you live, you share your stats online with the coach and other participants in the RTG, and discuss your daily workouts as needed with your coach and fellow RTG members.

What happens when you join an RTG?

When you join an RTG you will be assigned a coach who will assess what your goals are, and what current level of fitness you are at. This enables them to determine what RTG would be most suitable, depending on your goals in road cross country and fell running, weighted fitness, multi-disciplined fitness and ultra running.

Cross fitness RTG in strength and conditioning can be done with any of these RTG to help support your training. Your coach will share videos, audiobooks, talk through your daily and weekly training to allow you to better understand each session and how to do them correctly. Your coach and others in your group will motivate and inspire you because you will all be training together. Training will become easier. It’s like a running or cycling club but with more expert knowledge and direct support & coaching.

Which RTG is the right one?

We offer five different RTGs. Within those RTGs, there are different levels so you can be sure to find the right group and level for you.

  • RTG Baseline: with four different levels, this RTG is ideal for someone who wants to keep fit while learning the basic fundamentals of training through their coach via specific training sessions. Predominantly a running RTG with some optional cross-training to help you: keep fit, maintain fitness, return to training after injury. Learn the fundamentals of progressive loading and EOF’s dynamic approach to training. Coached by Duncan Horn, one of our boot camp trainers, who will provide full support via the RTG Baseline WhatsApp group.
  • RTG Event: with four different levels of capability from running, fell running and then to weighted fitness, using Special Forces style cross-training techniques to build the capacity needed for weighted fitness. This group includes dynamic sessions to build resilience and robustness, combined with fell running and weighted fitness EOF fitness days, which can be booked via the Shop. Specific to events such as Fan Dance and AEE series events, Paras 10, Commando 30 miler, and other weighted endurance events. Coached by Nick Grainge who is ex-Special Forces with many wins under his belt, including World Records. Nick will provide full support via the RTG Event WhatsApp group.
  • RTG Speedy: ideal for those wanting to start running for the first time, or someone wanting to improve their running capacity and speed, with the option to work at cross country and fell running. Working specifically on running with some optional cross-training, this 4-level RTG will help you increase your speed between 5k and 12 miles. Coached by Speedy (Richard Thomas), an ex-international fell and cross country runner. Speedy provides full support via the RTG Speedy WhatsApp group.
  • RTG Ultra: for anyone wanting to start to move into ultra running, or for experienced runners who want to build capacity at Ultra level. This RTG will help you work towards specific ultra events to maximise your potential. The ultra running world can be lonesome but not with RTG Ultra. You do not need to be running a lot of miles to use this RTG; the basic level is for people who have never run before. The Ultra RTG is coached by Jon Reese who is a hugely experienced ultra runner and coach. Jon provides full support via the RTG Ultra WhatsApp group.
  • RTG Cross Fitness: With a slight play one words for obvious reasons, this RTG gives all people the option to add this on to their current RTG or Personal Training program. With five different levels of capability, it provides a comprehensive approach to your strength and conditioning. Each level allows you to progress to more complex, functional training; lower levels need no gym or equipment. This RTG can be used on its own or to support other RTGs. This RTG is coached by Rob Walker. Rob is 5th Mr UK Body Building, 1st place UK Cross Fit open 2 years running and all-round hugely capable professional athlete. Rob provides full support via the RTG Cross Fitness WhatsApp group.

See your progression

All levels are structured to progress you slowly at the start to help you with confidence, motivation and building your core fitness and only when you are ready to move up a level does the progressive loading increase.

Each RTG, however, is designed for different goals and yet you are able to transition from one to the other as your goals change or you need to work on different strengths and weaknesses throughout the year. The coaches can advise you on this both initially and as you progress.

Speedy, for example, is a great way for a novice to start running for the first time, yet it’s also for someone hugely experienced but needs that extra professional support to increase their speed up to 12 miles. RTG Ultra is a great way to improve your distance running yet you do not need to be running high mileage to join this plan; the basic level is for those with little or no running experience but who would love to build the muscular and cardiovascular endurance needed to do Ultras.

Timeline of training

Novice profile

A person who wants to start running for the first time and join Event, Baseline or Speedy to learn the fundamentals of training. Building structure, routine and confidence over time.

It might be that they add on RTG Cross Fitness – Basic and start to perform some ‘at home’ fitness sessions to build strength and conditioning to reduce injury and increase capacity in their running. They then might put in for an event when they are ready and decide to jump over to RTG Event and specifically include weighted running based on carrying 18lbs of safety kit on the event. This person will already have the basic fitness, they understand the fundamentals and their body is ready to start with weighted fitness.

After racing on an event, such as the Fan Dance Clean Fatigue, they might then progress to RTG Ultra to use that momentum to add extra mileage to race in a marathon or back to back Ultra races.

Advanced profile

A person who has proven running and strength training experience might want to join either the Event or Speedy RTGs and start to understand the fundamentals of training and maximising performance with EOF techniques.

This person would work hard on the basics to increase their speed and capacity with more structure and progressive loading. It might be that they add on RTG Cross Fitness Intermediate or Advanced, and start to participate with others five times a week in more advanced authentic strength and power training techniques, providing huge benefits to overall capacity and minimising injury.

They then might put in for an event later on and decide to jump over to RTG Event and specifically include weighted running based on carrying 55lbs of kit over the mountains on a 40-mile event.

After racing on an event such as one of the AEE test marches series, Endurance or EOF Valhalla, they then might want to move to RTG Ultra to use that momentum to add extra mileage to race in an Ultramarathon or back to back Ultra races such as MDS or other events such as Beyond the Ultimate.

How much does it cost?

The cost for non-members is £50 a month. Members benefit from a reduced price of £40 per month and are able to access vast additional resources and support of the wider community, as well as discounts on our training plans.

Ready to join an RTG?

Contact us to join an RTG and get started with your progressive training today!

Nick Grainge


Nick has a background in Physical Training Instruction within the Armed forces, Nutrition and Sports Science. He has coached in CrossFit, strength and conditioning, fell and cross country running, swimming and cycling.
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