Elite Outdoor Fitness Ethos

Our unique outdoor fitness sessions help increase confidence, capability and awareness, at all levels. The positive impact of our fitness training can improve a person’s health and mental wellbeing. We support our members in becoming more prepared for situations meaning they are less likely to shy away from challenges that the average person may steer away from.

We live in a very uncertain world and having people that can step forward, react, help and make a difference or defuse a situation is becoming less common. Bergen rucksack training, outdoor fitness sessions and boot camp sessions are a means to encourage people to be more capable.

Elite Outdoor Fitness was established by Nick Grainge who has a background in physical training instruction within the Armed forces, as well as nutrition and sports science. The EOF team’s skill set is broad and covers most aspects of fitness, from walking, running, Pilates, swimming, strength and conditioning, and more.

We provide individual fitness strength training programs and offer training days/boot camps and weekends all over the country. This allows us to really connect with like-minded people who enjoy walking, adventure racing, weighted fitness or keeping fit, with the added bonus of a bit of something extra thrown into the pot!

We provide basic, intermediate and advanced training sessions. The basic sessions are exactly that and for people with a basic fitness who wish to increase their performance. Advanced sessions are fast-paced weighted bergen training sessions over the mountain suitable for a unique few. They are hard and very demanding but all who attend started at the basic level.

If you’re looking for ‘outdoor fitness classes near me’, you’re in the right place! We provide fitness sessions across the country.

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