There is an art to running to ensure you can sustain your training and progress to achieve your personal best. Although, when we say ‘art’, we really mean science.

Running science

Believe us when we say, there’s a lot of science which can help strengthen and condition you. Through our training plans, you will learn the what, when, why and how of running. Don’t worry, we won’t blind you with science, but it is important to understand as working with it is incredibly beneficial.

Developing your strength

Every runner is different. Some are new to running and want to train to run their first 5k. Others are experienced athletes training for their first (or tenth!) marathon. As a member, we can help you train to ensure you are prepared mentally and physically, and without the risk of injury.

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Elite Outdoor Fitness is a diverse community united by the desire to progress in one or more areas of fitness. Led by a team of highly experienced fitness coaches, our members learn from each other and our coaches through community forums, online resources and fitness plans devised by our experienced coaches.

As an EOF member, you will have access to our detailed running training plans which include 5k, 10k, park runs, Fan Dance, as well as marathon training. We believe training is progressive and while many begin their journey with us at 5k or 10k, they soon progress to more challenging races. Of course, if you want to stick with 5k running, you can!

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