Personal Training

We deliver tailored personal training, whether you are looking to improve your health, strength and fitness, or if you’re a professional soldier or athlete.

We can prepare you for adventure racing, endurance events, cross fit games and for expeditions around the world. Or we can simply help you to improve your general fitness level to tone and shape your body. Some of the EOF team are ex-military and can deliver tailored personal training packages for those joining the military, both Elite and Special Forces.

We have vast experience in training and understand how best to develop people at all levels, in a number of disciplines. We enjoy taking the “Average Jo” (someone who is watching their weight and wanting to make changes but unsure of where to start) and making them into a more rounded person mentally and physically, enabling them to have a clearer understanding of their ability and potential.

Our personal training is very progressive. Although Special Forces Bergen boot camp style training can sound intimidating, it certainly isn’t. We have a huge group of like-minded individuals who keep fit, walk and compete all across the country with our help, guidance and structured training.

Elitism is hard to achieve but we can work with you to get you there. We know how hard training can be because we train hard to help you achieve your best.

Most of what we do is not just about making people stronger, fitter and healthier, but providing them with a baseline or foundation to progress from. This gives them the fundamental elements for enhanced physical and mental growth. Most people will admit that not only have they developed physically and mentally whilst training with us but that their personal lives, careers, relationships and state of mind have become healthier at the same time. Read our testimonials.

Nick Grainge, founder of Elite Outdoor Fitness, has a great deal of success which includes both winners and one of only two people to complete the civilian SAS endurance race both veteran and loaded (25/55lbs) 2018, Wood House, Fan Dance, Ironman, Point to Point, Ricochet, Commando 30 (With course record) and a number of top 5 positions in UK obstacle endurance races, sprint/half and Olympic triathlons top 10 finishers, to name a few.

Training days and plans are for everyone and we welcome anyone from a basic level who wants to become fitter.

Ready to begin your personal training program?

Because our training programs are unique to each person, we take great care in putting the program together. As such we have limited personal training spaces available.

Please contact us to reserve a place when one comes available.

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