Expedition Training

Expedition training has to be finely tuned to get it right. Accurate preparation before an expedition is essential.

Training is typically led by Nick Grainge. Having served in the Special Forces, and drawing on post-SF work, Nick has experienced training and operating in a number of different climates. Experience has taught him how vital the correct equipment is for survival.

Using this knowledge has enabled Nick to be in the best physical and mental state, meaning he can function at an optimum level under pressure. The self-discipline of attending to your feet before of getting down to sleep can make or break an entire expedition. Through our training, you can learn how to survive and excel in your expedition.

We co-ordinate and lead bespoke expeditions around the world for all levels and abilities. We prepare individuals for the demands of the expedition extremes in both the temperature and terrain where they’ll be working for long periods of time. Our tailored pre-expedition training programmes cover essential equipment, optional extras and training preparation for the physical and mental demands of such an expedition.

We provide training and preparation guidance and expeditions in Desert, Arctic and the Jungle. These expeditions are challenging and a selection process will be carried out to ensure candidates are suitable mentally and have the physical potential, whilst being able to work as part of a team.

Most things are possible in life and we are inspired by people wanting to take themselves out of the comfort zone of their everyday lives in the search for adventure.

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