Remote Training Groups

We have a number of Remote Training Groups (RTG) and they are used to help people with motivation and learning. They are coach-led and in most cases, the coaches are actively following the plan too. They are a great way to manage the loading well and appropriately. All coaches are very experienced and have proven success in their disciplines and some are ex-professional athletes and have competed on the world stage.

Most people struggle with motivation. Our RTG help people and, at the same time, enable them to be part of a supportive community that is training at different levels. The RTG answer questions on how to perform certain sessions or anything that people are wanting help with.

Being part of an online interactive group where everyone posts their times for activates is a great way to bring about some healthy competition and tap into some inspiration from novice to advanced people.

What works for some people might not work for others and we all have different strengths and weaknesses based on our body composition, training experience and time available. Having a group of like-minded people all having similar sessions to carry out is a great way to keep focused and motivated and work on your own stats too.

All Remote Training Groups have four levels: Basic, Basic Plus, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

RTG Baseline

RTG Baseline allows a person to familiarise themselves with the basic fundamentals of training and specific training sessions that are fundamentally essential for overall progression. Baseline is for someone who wants to keep fit and strong overall, all while having the benefits of a coach in the background to motivate and direct.

It is possible for a shorter distance athlete to participate in the Basic level and yet follow the Advanced speed and higher intensity sessions to allow them to use RTG in a flexible way to maximise their own potential based on specific goals.

Likewise, it is possible for a person to follow the Advanced level yet follow the Basic sessions for speed and higher intensity sessions with fewer reps. This would be very useful for someone who was racing in an event with a longer duration, such as an Ultra for example.

RTG Event

This group is specific to events that we are involved in currently with, such as Fan Dance, Para 10, Commando 30-mile shuffle and other fell running and mountain marathon events across the country. We currently have many first-place positions in these events.

RTG Event is designed to allow a person to have the flexibility of a multi-layered training plan that progresses towards multiple goals at their own pace. It allows a person to familiarise themselves with the basic fundamentals of training and specific training sessions that are essential for overall progression just as Baseline but with the benefit of progression specifically towards certain goals and more comprehensive multi-discipline capacity.

Those wanting to engage in more adventure racing events might find this interactive plan very useful too. There is a very specific build in capacity at the beginning to allow people to start cross country running, then fell running and then weighted fitness. This is a very inclusive package in that we prepare people to be a strong runner, cyclist, swimmer, road runner, fell runner and, eventually, with weight over the hills. We race from 10m-50m with and without weight.

RTG Cross Fitness

Coming soon! Please contact us for more information.

The RTG Cross Fitness coach is Rob Walker. He specialises in strength and conditioning, powerlifting, swim coaching, Cross Fit and was UK no. 1 Cross Fit Games 2016 and 2017.

RTG Speedy

RTG Speedy allows a person to familiarise themselves with the basic fundamentals of training and specific training sessions that are fundamentally essential for overall progression up to 15-mile races, road, cross country and fell. Speedy is for someone that wants to improve their running, their running speed and work towards being capable at shorter distance racing from 5km park runs to 15 miles mountain races.

The basic level is for people that want to start to run and will allow someone to be part of an ex-professional runner coach-led group. Learning the fundamentals of training and promoting a progressive training program that will allow you to run your first park run, 10 race or achieve your shorter distance gaols. Basic Plus, Intermediate and Advanced will also focus on running capability with some optional Bike sessions and all body workouts to help with your cross-training adaptions. Some of our community bound in and out of some of the RTGs so they might use the RTG Speedy at the beginning of their year and then move later on to RTG event for example. Competing at 5km park runs through to 10k and half marathon and finishing the year with a fell run or adventure race for example. All the RTG run well fluidly depending on specificity of training goals.

RTG Speedy is run by Richard Thomas (Speedy) who is a former Welsh Fell running International.

RTG Ultra

RTG Ultra provides a comprehensive package to help someone to enter or compete at the Ultra running level. RTG Ultra is un by Jon Reese who is a very experienced ultra marathon and trail runner with vast experience to help you in your journey to become an ultra runner or a better ultra runner.

There are 4 levels within the RTG and this will allow a person to build slowly over time through the levels and ensure that they are loading appropriately for their goals. Ultra races and goals come in all shapes and sizes to 30-mile road races, mountain races multi-day events and desert and arctic multi-day events. The knowledge and expertise for such events are vital in loading preparation but management of injury, feet and kit.

As with all Remote Training Groups people can bound in and out of each of the RTG over a period to maximise their goals from shorter to mid-range and longer range running goals.

RTG Ultra is run by Jon Rees, a superb ultra runner.

Using Remote Training Groups

We encourage transition between the groups. This transition should take the form of progression from a Baseline routine to the RTG Event when the individual is ready to increase their capacity for a specific event.

It is worth noting, however, that the Baseline is very consistent in its form and individuals can stay on this program entirely and progress through the levels, if they so wish.

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