Remote Training Groups

Remote Training Groups

What’s a Remote Training Group (RTG)?

Remote Training Groups are interactive online coach-led training sessions designed to motivate and help individuals train effectively supported by our expert coaches. These are ideal for everyone across the UK as you can train conveniently around your own home. We welcome all levels of training from individuals who have not run before through to those wanting to enter events.

All coaches are very experienced and have proven success in their disciplines – some are ex-professional athletes and have competed on the world stage and some of whom actively follow these training plans themselves.

Why join a RTG?

We understand it is hard to keep motivated especially with work, families and other lifestyle commitments so our RTG’s are in place to support individuals to train to get the most out of the experience.

The RTG community is a great support network where members encourage each other every step of the way sharing success stories and discussing anything from exercise technique to what kit to buy!

Being part of an online interactive group where everyone posts their times for activities is a great way to bring about some healthy competition and tap into some inspiration from other members.

Nick Grainge
founder of Elite Outdoor Fitness

What works for you might not work for others – we all have different strengths and weaknesses based on our body composition, training experience and time available. Having a group of like-minded people all having similar sessions to carry out is a great way to keep focused and motivated and work on your own stats too.

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The monthly cost is £65 which includes your Elite Outdoor Fitness membership worth £20.  No sign-up fees or 12 month contracts here!

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How fit do I need to be?

All Remote Training Groups have different levels so no matter your current fitness level you’ll find an RTG to suit. The four levels are:

  • Basic
  • Basic Plus
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced Levels

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to run your first 5K or to complete an ultra event, our team and members are on hand to help you achieve and reach your potential.

How does it work?

When you join one of our RTGs you will be sent access to the training plans, where you can view the daily sessions and log your results. You will then be added to a WhatsApp group which allows you to share your experiences with others on the same programme and ask any questions.

Using Remote Training Groups

We encourage transition between the groups once you and the coaches have decided it is time. This transition should take the form of progression from the Baseline RTG to the Event RTG when the individual is ready to increase their capacity for a specific event.

It is worth noting, however, that the Baseline RTG is very consistent in its form and individuals can stay on this program entirely and progress through the levels.

Selecting the right RTG for you!

We currently have 5 RTGs, have a look at the descriptions below and pick the one that you feel best suits you, or drop us an email and we can help you pick the right group based on your current goals.

Baseline RTG

This is ideal for individuals looking to keep fit and strong, while having the benefits of a coach in the background to motivate and advise you. It allows you to become familiar with the fundamentals of training and specific training sessions which is essential for overall progression.

Adapting Baseline RTG to your goals...

Your coach can help you adapt the training to suit your specific needs so for example, it is possible for a shorter distance athlete to participate in the basic level and yet follow the advanced level for speed and higher intensity sessions. The RTG is flexible and will allow you to maximise your potential based on specific goals.

Duncan Horn

The coach for Baseline RTG is Duncan Horn.
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Event RTG

This group is specific to events that we are involved in such as Fan Dance, Para 10, Commando 30-mile shuffle and other fell running and mountain marathon events. Elite Outdoor Fitness currently has many first-place positions in these events.

Event RTG is designed to allow you to have the flexibility of a multi-layered training plan that progresses towards multiple goals at your own pace. It will familiarise you with the basic fundamentals of training and specific training sessions which are essential for your overall progression (as Baseline RTG), but with the benefit of progression specifically towards certain goals and more comprehensive multi-discipline capacity.

If you’re wanting to take part in more adventure racing events you will find this interactive plan very useful too. There is a very specific build in capacity at the beginning to allow you to start cross-country running, then fell-running and then weighted fitness. This is a very inclusive package in that we prepare you to be a strong runner, cyclist, swimmer, road runner, fell runner and, eventually, with weight over the hills. We race from 10-50 miles with and without weight.

Nick Grainge

The coach for RTG Baseline is Nick Grainge.
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Run RTG teaches you the fundamentals of training and specific training sessions which are essential for overall progression up to 15-mile races, road, cross country and fell.
If you are looking to improve your running, your running speed and/or work towards being capable at shorter distance racing from 5km park runs to 15 miles mountain races, then Run RTG is for you.

I'm new to running...

If you’re new to running, or just starting to run after a break, then we’d suggest joining the basic level. Learning the fundamentals of training and promoting a progressive training program that will allow you to run your first park run, 10K race or achieve your shorter distance goals.

Basic Plus, Intermediate and Advanced will also focus on running capability with some optional bike sessions and all body workouts to help with your cross-training adaptions.

Richard Thomas

The coach for Run RTG is Richard 'Speedy' Thomas
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