Motivation and consistency

motivation and consistency

Motivation and consistency are probably the most important factors to consider when wanting to get fit or progress as an experienced athlete. For most, the daunting prospect of getting fit and changing their lives seems like a huge challenge. It is not and it does not have to be. As long as you have realistic

Visualisation and Positivity


All professional athletes visualise winning. It is another important motivational driver. Creating a mental image of something positive and motivating such as winning a race, doing a personal best or crossing the finish line for the first time will provide the edge to push that little bit harder. This can and should be applied to

Loading and De-Loading

loading and deloading

Training Load Fitness is gained from stressing the body, and multiples systems within the body, to force adaptations to make the body more capable next time it’s stressed at that level. This is also called loading. The ultimate goal for most athletes is to have a strategy to capture the right amount of load at