Tier Programme - Summer 2022

Elite Outdoor Fitness Summer Tier Programme is now CLOSED for registration!

Start date: 4th July 2022
End date: 11th September 2022
Duration: 10 weeks

EOF Summer Tier ProgrammeParticipants will undergo testing in key areas of physical fitness and be awarded a tier patch if successfully completed.

You will be tested on:

  • Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Speed
  • Agility

Each tier works on a Pass/Fail basis. Pass times are allocated to each category for each test within each tier. All pass times are withheld.

Tests will run as individual virtual events, test instructions will be shared upon registration.


The tiers

Green – Basic all-round fitness required

Blue – Good level of all-round fitness required across all key elements

Maroon – High level of all-round fitness required across all key elements

Sand Tier

Sand – Advanced level of all-round fitness required across all key elements. Skill in navigation and fieldcraft will also be tested with a high standard required to pass.

Coming soon…

Black Sand – WITHHELD. Launch date TBC.


Phase 1 Main Senior Female Notes
Week 1
July 4th – July 10th
5km Trainer Run + Basic PT Test n/a n/a n/a
Week 2
July 11th – July 17th
(a) 2km Bergen Run + 2km Boot Run 45lb 35lb 35lb
35lb 25lb 25lb
25lb 18lb 18lb
(b) 3 x Rounds (1km Bergen run + weighted PT circuit) + 1km Bergen Run to finish 25lb 25lb 25lb Full reps
18lb 18lb 18lb Reduced reps
12lb 12lb 12lb Reduced reps
Week 3
July 18th – July 24th
2.5km Trainer Run (no weight) & 8km Heavy Load Carry Min 125m Elev Gain 85lb 70lb 70lb
65lb 55lb 55lb
50lb 45lb 45lb
Week 4
July 25th – July 31st
Phase 2
Week 5
Aug 1st – Aug 7th
(a) 16km Trainer Run n/a n/a n/a n/a
(b) MURPH 20lb n/a n/a Full reps
n/a n/a n/a Full reps
n/a n/a n/a Reduced reps
Week 6
Aug 8th – Aug 14th
20km Loaded [off-road] Min 250m Elev Gain 60lb 45lb 45lb
45lb 35lb 35lb
30lb 25lb 25lb
Week 7
Aug 15th – Aug 21nd
24km Loaded [off-road] Min 1000m Elev Gain 35lb 35lb 35lb
35lb 30lb 30lb
25lb 25lb 25lb
Week 8
Aug 22nd – Aug 28th
Phase 3
Week 9
Aug 29th – Sept 4th
16km Loaded [off-road] Min 300m Elev Gain 35lb 35lb 35lb
35lb 35lb 35lb
35lb 35lb 35lb
Week 10
Sept 5th – Sept 11th
48km Loaded [off-road] Min 1200m Elev Gain 35lb 35lb 35lb
35lb 35lb 35lb Optional
35lb 35lb 35lb Optional



  • A 10 Week Programme consisting of multiple tests measuring key elements of physical fitness – Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Endurance, Strength, Power, Flexibility, Balance, Speed and Agility. View the schedule
  • Instruction for each test will be sent to you on email the week prior to Test start.
  • You have from 00:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday to complete each week’s Test/Tests.
  • Your data must be entered into the Results Sheet with associated evidence emailed to dunc@eliteoutdoorfitness.com by 23:59 Sunday each week.
  • The Programme is split into 3 phases. You must complete Phase 1 before being able to move onto Phase 2 and you must complete Phase 2 before moving onto Phase 3. Any missed tests from Phase 1 must be completed during the first spare week (Week 4), Any missed tests from Phase 2 must be completed during the second spare week (Week 8), failure to do so will result in an automatic fail and removal from the programme.
  • Each Tier each test has an associated pass time for each category set by EOF. Pass times are withheld from participants.
  • Participants must undertake all 10 tests, only 2 tests can be failed within each tier in order to pass. You will not be told whether you have passed your Tier until the end of programme. On completion of the programme each successful participant will be awarded a coloured EOF patch associated with that tier.
  • The results table will work on a points basis, points are awarded for your placing on each test. For example if you come 1st then you receive one point for that Test, if you come 20th then you receive 20 points. The lowest number of points accumulated over the programme will be champion within each Tier.

Any questions contact dunc@eliteoutdoorfitness.com.


Duncan is one of the trainers and runs the Baseline Remote Training Group and a number of boot camp fitness days in the Aylesbury/Chilterns area.
See more from Duncan Horn

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