In this series of videos – we take a look at ankle and knee mobility. But before we do, we need to understand the importance of your internal joint mechanisms. Any questions leave a comment.

Internal before external

Understanding the importance of getting your internal mechanism working before you work the external, what I mean by that, internal: making sure your shoulder joint has full range of motion without any discrepancies before you start loading up weight and doing external weight training.

For me it is important to have in place a system of training which is designed to expand active and usable functional range of motion, basically improve mobility!!

To terms that Are often used incorrectly, flexibility and mobility!!

Flexibility = The ability to passively achieve extended range of motion.
Mobility = The ability to control range of motion.

The pursuit of flexibility has long been a goal by athletes and trainers – for injury prevention, improved performance, effects of ageing, developing long athletic looking bodies.

However according to the research flexibility has not been shown to prevent injury.

  • No affect on ageing
  • It does not alter physical appearance
  • And it has not shown to improve athletic performance
  • Mobility on the other hand
  • Improve control in both long and short ranges
  • Is the The fastest route to flexibility
  • Integrate into functional movement patterns
  • Translate into agility (the ability to change body position efficiently)
  • Improve articular stability
  • Is a main determinant of movement potential

In short it is very important for people to have in place a regular programme where are you you are working to maintain and improve your ranges of motion!



Ali's main focus is on strength and conditioning, and mobility which require knowledge and understanding of sports science. He has a professional and serious approach to his training and ensures that his clients achieve their goals provided that they show commitment and perseverance.
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