Will has been teaching Pilates for 9 years as a mat instructor and 7 years as a fully comprehensive senior Instructor at one of the top fitness clubs in London. He is trained in Reformer and at all levels for Cadillac, Tower Chair, Barrels, Spine Corrector etc.
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2 thoughts on “Box Breathing Explained

  1. Hi Will,
    My core fitness has been built on a concept 2 rower (150,000) meters a month combined with HIIT sessions and now rucking . 1st Fan Dance 2nd July 22. Iā€™m 61, 6ft 89kgs.
    My question I still find myself unable to breathe at times whilst doing simple things like press ups ? Ive learned how to row whilst rowing either at Steady State, intervals or flat out but press ups ????

    1. Hello Neil, I would suggest you inhale as you lower to the floor in the press up and exhale as you push away from the floor. Think of more diaphragmatic breathing. Go for form not speed making sure that you are doing the press up correctly. Hope this helps Will šŸ™

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