This training does what it says on the tin!

Despite being over 50 when I first joined in with Nick’s training and believing I was past my sell by date, suffering from Atrial Fibrillation, I now find myself up the Welsh hills carrying varying weight and pushing myself further than ever before. Working with Nick, the improvements are now speaking for themselves. What makes the days even more special are the friends you make in the sessions. I’m not looked down on but rather looked after and encouraged. I would suggest no matter what level you are at, IE like me, a beginner or to the more advanced physical types. If you’re looking for a real workout with exceptional advice, then look no further…

Update April 2019: Having just finished the Lyke Wake walk ( 40 miles in under 24 hrs ). I thought I should write a large thank you to Nick at EOF . When I first met Nick , I struggled to carry a bergan over any sort of distance and so don’t mind admitting having to hand it over to him to carry on one occasion . With Nicks help and guidance and the support from all the chaps and ladies I have met on Nicks training days and at events , I now find myself 2 stone lighter , a lot fitter and entering events I would never have even attempted in the past .. Take the Lyke wake walk for instance . Using all I had been been taught , I somehow found myself coming in as the first male walker even though I was the only person doing load bearing ( others having small day sacks) 11 hrs and 40 mins .. I even managed a sprint on the last mile as an ex 65 year old female runner decided she wanted to be first female and had seen other walkers taking a short cut off the official route and went sprinting past me .. I managed to catch her on the finish line and came in first male walker (runners had come in at around 7hrs).. Taking stock I became a little emotional as I realised how far I had come .. Not only the distance but the fitness levels and motivation to go one step further … This may not be impressive to some groups but the guys and ladies at EOF are not ones for showing off but for inspiring to do and especially in inspiring others like me to do ( 50 odd year old )…. and in this case … You have inspired me … Not only with the training but those quiet chats and words that inspired me to do and to continue to do ..A very large thank you to all


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