I first met Nick on one of Avalanche Endurance Events (AEE) Fan Dance races. He formed part of the Directing Staff & was stationed at the top of Pen Y Fan in severe snow & took our numbers as we checked in/passed through. Out of all the directing staff on that day. Nick stood out as being warm & approachable (yes, on a snowy mountain doing a military endurance event!!!)- Friendly, but a definite degree of SAS fierceness! As a direct result of Nick’s advice and confidence in my abilities, I’ve seen my fitness levels soar to beyond what they’ve ever been. I’ve recorded faster times, and even come close to winning the odd mountain load-bearing race, which if anyone knows me, would’ve seemed impossible a few years ago!

I was lucky enough to be on one of Nick’s first fitness sessions. He talked through the basics of self-sufficiency & survival on the mountains, map reading and how best to pack our Bergen’s. After the lesson we ran a 10k route around the area. This was my first run with a Bergen and Nick was nothing but supportive. As I lagged behind, he stayed with me and offered me loads of encouragement and good techniques for improving speed and efficiency. This knowledge I still remember and use today! His knowledge of fitness, nutrition and survival is quite literally limitless. Any questions I had were answered with genuine care and interest and it seems there’s nothing he doesn’t know!

I’ve attended two fitness-training sessions with Nick in the Brecon’s in preparation for numerous AEE races and one Test March. During all sessions Nick is friendly yet professional, upbeat & very goal oriented. I feel utterly safe with Nick and trust his judgment on all levels. I asked Nick for a specific training plan at one point, as I needed a more structured schedule for achieving a few particular goals I had. He provided a detailed and progressive plan that took me to the next level!! He was always on hand if I had questions or queries and was also incredibly supportive when I had a bad case of sinusitis having to pull back from training. He didn’t keep pushing me and actually suggested I stop training for a while – which was the best advice I could’ve ever received. A month on, after Nicks advice, I’m now almost fully recovered.

Like I said before, his knowledge is limitless & stretches beyond fitness and motivation. He is also a highly qualified nutritionist and knows so much about how the human mind works!

One thing that strikes me most about Nick is his extremely high level of outstanding confidence & motivation. It’s very infectious. He has often inspired me to push through when I’ve felt like giving up, and that anything is possible. Not only is Nick a hugely successful and fearless warrior, he is also a caring man that wants to see people achieve their dreams and goals, with a great sense of humour and an ability to see and bring out the potential of the many.

I’ve never met anyone as dedicated as Nick before and because of this; I will never turn to another personal trainer apart from Nick. If I wish to fulfil a fitness or life goal, Nick is the undisputed champion of this industry and gets results, fast, yet safely and healthily.

If you want to be the best, train with the best. Who dares wins.


Steph is the bestselling author of 6 novels, including He Lies, I've never written a book and Maybe one day. He lives in Derbyshire with “the wife,” “the dogs,” “those chickens,” and he occasionally wears the pants.
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