I met Nick in May 2012 working overseas where he used to train a group of us in his spare time. Back then, I was a good bit chubby and completely oblivious to how bad of shape I was in. At 26, I couldn’t do more than 35 push-ups or 4 pull-ups, and it was a real accomplishment to finish a 5K run. But, what changed for me is that Nick provided an environment to break through the suck part of working out – actually, he turned it into a complete blast. He always had a fresh training plan; good tunes, and knew how to challenge me so I’d feel like a British Special Forces bad ass.  Getting some training in quickly turned into the best part of the day, especially when I started to see results. After a few months, I could get 30 pull ups in a row, could do muscle ups, was benching nearly ~140% my body weight, and could walk on my hands about 40 feet! CV went great too, as I was getting sub 7 min miles pretty consistent good times. I was by far in the best shape of my life, but what’s great is that his training has also stuck. I learned a great deal from his approach (strength, power, endurance, balance, flexibility) – and have been able to keep a focus on it to this day.

I highly recommend his service – as it will definitely be a smart move.


Steph is the bestselling author of 6 novels, including He Lies, I've never written a book and Maybe one day. He lives in Derbyshire with “the wife,” “the dogs,” “those chickens,” and he occasionally wears the pants.
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