Personal Disclaimer

I accept all responsibilities in attending and taking part in any of the services that Elite Outdoor Fitness offer. I accept that I am responsible for my own judgments made on how and when I train and how hard I push myself and accept that any advice, encouragement and motivation offered by Elite Outdoor Fitness is taken at my own risk and is only offered as suggestions.

I confirm that I have a clear understanding that some activities which Elite Outdoor Fitness offer, encourage participation in, or coached can be very taxing and dynamic in nature and I am responsible for my own progression in my physical capably and I am responsible for when to halt any activity or anything I participate in. Elite Outdoor Fitness provide training, guidance and encouragement in a number of tests, activities, challenges some of which have nothing to do with Elite Outdoor Fitness and I accept the hazards inherent in all these events and sessions or challenges and acknowledge that I am entering and taking part at my own risk and it is my responsibility to determine if I am capable enough I accept to take all Blogs, statements, audio books, videos and verbal encouragement from Elite Outdoor Fitness as suggestions only of what could be considered in progressing health and Fitness for a generic audience.

All Blogs, audio books, advice, encouragement, services from Elite Outdoor Fitness are given based on a mixture of experience, sport science and motivation purposes and are only offered as motivation and encouragement and a view on how someone could train and what has worked for them in the past rather than what should be done by yourself.

I have been notified of the various articles, audio books, videos and information that is available through Elite outdoor Fitness, had written advice on how to proceed and/or been offered personal liaison with fitness instructors to as any questions. I have been advised on what kit and equipment I need, and I am responsible for determining whether I have the skills, equipment, mental toughness and ļ¬tness to participate in any of the services or guidance.

I accept that neither Elite Outdoor Fitness or coaches or volunteers shall be liable to me for any injury, loss or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of my participation in any of the servies or guidance or motivation (other than in respect of death or personal injury as a result of their negligence).