Fan Dance Training Plan – Advanced


A comprehensive 16 week training plan for anyone wishing to take part in the Fan Dance event.

This plan is designed by one of our coaches who is ex-Special Forces and who has won this event many times.

Understanding the demands that the Fan Dance course brings is key. This course starts steep and can feel relentless and overwhelming from the start. The entirety of the course never lets up from this feeling of inability to recover and so this program forces recovery on the move whilst switching disciplines and energy systems. It will build capacity to have the ability to transition from uphill to fast flat or down hill. This is a 14 mile fell run with weight and boots in potential hot or cold weather and so you are going to be bounding in and out of your Lactate Threshold for the majority of the course which requires consistent but varied training principles in your program.

Please note all our training plans are in a digital format, you’ll be able to download your book within minutes of your payment being processed.

This level requires an already good level of fitness and experience in speed work, tempo training and the muscular endurance to start straight away with a good weight and a starting mileage or at least 10 miles LSD. The progression is relative but can feel steep. This plan is designed for people wanting to achieve sub 3-hour Fan Dance and is based around intensity minutes, and so therefore a good baseline fitness is needed to cope with the intensity over time. There will be fell running involved so it might be that you will have to travel to a hilly area to participate in these sessions. They are extremely important for capacity and so switching them with a flatter session won’t have the desired effect.


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